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The Pop Up Shop...

in Kapp.

Kapp is a small Norwegian village where a large part of the environment and history is occupied by an industrial, red brick building, called the ´Melkefabrikk´, the Milkfactory.

The shop was situated at the ´Vaskeriet´.

This laundry is a little reminder of the past and with its large industrial wheel beneath the roof it is a strong symbol of hard working people and it stimulates to think about fabrication processes.

Pop Up Books

When hearing the word:´Pop Up Shop´, my thoughts wander of to my childhood and the type of book called Pop Up Book.

One opens the book and suddenly a whole fantasy world emerges. As a designer I still am fascinated by the type of congratulation cards which you open and this cake with candles unfolds before your eyes.

A whole world hidden in just one piece of paper.

Out of flatness a new dimension Is build.

Pop Up Bags

From Pop Up Books the step towards Pop Up Patterns was taken.

One piece of cloth would deliver the basics of a new series of bags. No other materials then felt, folded and assembled by traditional handcrafted joints.

The felt used is a 100% natural wool felt of exquisite quality and available in a large scale of different colors. The collection is especially suited for everybody: men and women of all ages. Functionality and a feeling of wealth and strength go comfortably together.

FF Model L

FF Model XL

FF Model S


With thanks to

Kama Sviund Design from Gjøvik who was my »støttespiller» in this Pop Up Shop adventure.



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