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Who am I  



I am Wendi Bakker.


My Atelier is situated in NORWAY.




Most of my designs can, after years of heavy and happy duty,

be recycled by earth itself.


When it comes to restauration of existing goods, like blankets, curtains,

clothes or furniture, the pure recycling by earth itself cannot always be


Therefor I have choosen to start working with resaturation of old and

damaged tekstiles but only by using natural and natural dyed wool.

Every piece needs its own solution.

By working like this the product can be used for a long, long time again

and even can get an upgrade with a vision to support its beauty and style,

becoming a memorable and charished piece to the owner or new owner.


Living in Norway has brought me new knowledge of traditional handcraft

that suites in perfectly in my way of working.

Felting is one of these crafts that fits in so beautifully in the restauration

of woolen textiles.

And as said: ALL the woolen textiles that are damaged, can get a lift

with an even stronger personal touch.


Living in Norway also is very confronting when it comes to living with


But the beauty of it is so very inspiring and never disappoints when it

comes to its natural palet of colors and materials.


You can reach the Atelier FeltFurnitureFashion by sending me a mail:, with your question and we will find a

beautifull solution.


Yours sincerely





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