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Arts & Crafts windowcovers: Felt & Eco-dye 

Felt windowcovers


Acoustic curtains

The curtain exists of 100% woolen felt threads.


It adds an acoustic demping in the environment because of the absorbing capacity of felt. 

The soft threads can be knotted to create a variaty of effects.


Advice: 4 threads in 10 cm width.


Length 2m50cm:

Price: 31 Euro ex btw

Width 1 meterPrice: 307 Euro ex btw

371 Euro incl btw incl btw


length: 3 meter

Price: 36 Euro ex btw

Width 1 meter:Price: 355 Euro ex btw

429 Euro inkl. Btw


FF can provide a diversity in length up to 10 meter.

Prices on requist.

Railsystem is not included in the price.

Normal curtain rod is perfect suitable;

max ø 3cm


For more information please contact us.



These textiles are all unique.

The results of organical dyeing is unpredictable.

Every piece of cloth comes with its own story.

The leaves used can give different results by just changing the temperature, the blend of the dye bath and/or the textile.


I work with the materials I find or the textiles that intrigue me. 

The beauty is that it is a hand-craft where every piece makes it own unique landscape and is made by its own natural story.


Lasse Liten 

A well known restaurant in Gjøvik, Norway, needed acoustic solutions. The felt curtains provide a flexible and half transparant wall both as an acoustic demping as well as an area-separation.

Lasse Liten 


These curtainholders hold the curtains on place when drawn aside to the wall.

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