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Wool and felt.



Wool and felt are very intriging materials.

I love working with it in all sorts of apperiances.


At the borders of my work, the fascination for textiles has

always been there.

Especially wool and felt.

Now (2020) it is time to work even more with all the

possibilities of this material.

It will be research as it is with cooking.

Blending all sorts of ingredients and spices in the kitchen

to find a taste that suites in my world and

maybe in other peoples world of tastes.


Some time ago I read a text from a cook (Mimi Thorisson)

who said:

"Not everybody can paint but everybody can cook".

My idea is not opposite but I see references:

cooking can be difficult if you don´t take time to cook,

to taste and to think about the expirience all these tastes

give you.

The same is with the many handcrafts that one can

work with with wool, felt an coloring.

You have to take time to really experience the things

you make.

Then you can get satisfying results.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

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